art kirchberg
33A, avenue J.F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

Map: Nr 11
Open: 11:00 - 18:00
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Contemporary art and the values it represents play a significant role at UBS, for art is essentially global in nature and transcends both cultural and linguistic barriers. Forward-looking and innovative, it reveals new perspectives and insights-important values that UBS aims to promote and share with others. UBS's approach to art is an expression of tis open-mindedness and sense of responsibility towards the community, which is why UBS makes its art collection accessible to the public.

At the heart of UBS 'commitment to art is the UBS Art Collection, which consists of approximately 900 outstanding works of contemporary art- including painting, photographs, works on paper and sculptures by the most important artists of the post-World War II period. Works from the Collection are exhibited regularly at major international contemporary art museums.

UBS 'art program is complemented by "Art at Work" : high –quality works of art are exhibited in our offices worldwide, stimulating dialogue between clients and employees, and thus making the art experience accessible to all. In addition, the "Art at Work" program strives to discover and promote talented young artists.

For UBS, contemporary art is a passion – a passion that we aim to share and ignite to others.